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Advanced Information Systems and Security

Progeny Systems understands our customers' needs for scalable designs, service oriented architecture, commercial off-the-shelf products, and network-centric platforms. Technology refresh and network modernization are just a few of Progeny's core competencies. We have extensive knowledge and experience in software design and development, systems engineering and integration (full life-cycle development), security solutions to include surveillance and reconnaissance systems, service-based architectures, and much more.

Non-Tactical Enterprise Applications

Provides full service design, test, and integration of software and hardware systems used for shipboard operations. Its portfolio includes training systems, workflow management, human resources, document management, and nuclear reactor monitoring/automation.

Undersea & Surface Systems

Performs systems design and integration of systems, and software that enable all Navy surface ships to collaborate and prosecute underwater threats.

Lexenco Clinical Language Encoder (CLE)

Within healthcare IT solutions, vast amounts of clinical information is represented in unstructured text form as a product of narrative-based system interaction, and textual-based clinical reports and publications. The common goal is to automatically detect and extract clinical information from these resources to streamline workflows and improve outcomes in new ways, bolstering a product amongst competitors.

Lexenco CLE provides sophisticated CAC clinical Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies that achieves healthcare IT solution provider's clinical knowledge extraction and medical autocoding desires. The CAC NLP technologies automatically, accurately and consistently harvests clinical information and medical codes (such as ICD-10-CM, HCC and CPT™) from a patient's record that can be implemented for human review or for other automated healthcare IT solution workflows. Deployed as Software as a Service (SaaS) model, integration requirements are minimal. The realized benefits are increased documentation quality and understanding, optimized claims reimbursements resulting from coding accuracy and coverage, and improved productivity that are demanded in today's clinical engagements.

mWorks—Maintenance Management Software Suite

mWorks is an insightful suite of applications that will streamline maintenance management, extend asset life and reduce costs in many industrial environments. Originally developed to support maintenance of shipboard power plants for the U.S. Navy, mWorks provides: efficient tracking and management of equipment deficiencies; wireless monitoring of sensor readings and trend analysis; planning and coordination of complex maintenance jobs; intelligent searching of large technical libraries; and a customizable learning management system for maximum content reuse.

There are many applicable industries for mWorks, including: aerospace and defense; chemicals and petroleum; energy and utilities; mining and heavy industries; and transportation and marine. Visit the mWorks website to learn more.

Surveillance, Persistent Observation, and Target Recognition (SPOTR™)

SPOTR™ is a comprehensive, intelligent video analytics processing solution for applications ranging from surveillance and security to manufacturing and forensic analysis. For biometric applications, SPOTR™ contains a suite of Non-Cooperative face detection, recognition, and soft biometric extraction capabilities; an integrated tracking module enables multi-sensor detection and tracking from numerous cameras over expanded areas and long distances.

Today, it is being used to provide situational awareness to warfighters in the battlefield and to detect manufacturing defects in an industrial environment for the world's largest tire company. To learn more, visit the SPOTR™ website or view the SPOTR™ video.

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