mWorks Suite: mInspect

Maintenance inspections generate a substantial amount of paperwork. Technicians monitor a multitude of different equipment and manually record the results of the inspections. Manual documentation does not provide maximum control or efficiency.

Precision Tracking and Management of Asset Deficiencies

mInspect is an extremely precise and accurate tool that manages and tracks equipment deficiencies and inspection results. It provides periodic inspections for any type of equipment in an industrial facility.

Scheduled Automated Inspection

mInspect streamlines inspection processes by automating activities, allowing business to be conducted better, faster and more efficiently—by increasing productivity and eliminating logsheets, data entry and filing. This improves the quality of data collected and reduces human error.

Centralized Data Storage

Because mInspect maintains all its data in a centralized location, users are able to look at data captured over a period of time, more quickly determine trends, and predict expensive equipment failures before they happen.

Reporting and Templates

mInspect comes with numerous report formats and templates such as: repair, location, inventory, equipment deficiency and more.