mWorks Suite: mPlan

Equipment downtime should be minimal and manual planning is difficult and error prone. There are hundreds of thousands of pieces of equipment and thousands of tasks to be performed, and errors cost millions.

Intelligent Visualization of Maintenance Tasks, Plant Infrastructure and Components

mPlan is an intelligent maintenance planning application that allows you to see and recognize the intricately complex interrelationships of maintenance tasks. It’s interface is simple, customizable, intuitive and easy to use. The application also supports the electronic creation of formal and controlled work packages and procedures, which can then be routed through workflow processes and approval chains.

Preservation of Corporate Memory

mPlan retains valuable corporate memory of system intricacies and other historical system knowledge or past successful solutions that is lost with changing work forces and employee attrition or turnover. In addition, you can view multiple availabilities for “what-if” planning and work load balancing.

Reduce Preparation Time and Maintenance Conflicts

mPlan reduces the preparation time and paperwork required for organizing, scheduling, and executing maintenance. It has the ability to coordinate corrective maintenance tasks while also informing you of suggested complementary tasks. It also provides scheduling and indicates conflicts among complex maintenance activities that could be hazardous to employees and equipment.

Standardized Platform

mPlan is fully integrated with and utilizes the IBM Tivoli Maximo Asset Management 7.x software suite as its repository of maintenance work orders for a smooth transition of scheduling and performance. mPlan is integrated and runs on the IBM WebSphere 7.0 Application and can be accessed from any standard internet browser window—eliminating the need to install a new application on every computer.