mWorks Suite: mSearch

Deep and Intelligent Searching on Well Bounded Content

mSearch is an intelligent search engine that allows users to quickly search across a vast library of technical manuals for equipment, plans and valuable information. This powerful capability allows you efficiently isolate and extract relevant and detailed information from a vast library of industry and subject specific technical manuals and data—a task that would otherwise be overwhelming and extremely time consuming.

Granular and Conceptual Meaning Search Capability

mSearch utilizes semantic web technology and enables a highly granular search capability, as well as searches based on conceptual meaning, across relevant technical data to support maintenance. It is easily integrated and can efficiently handle and convert a wide variety of legacy formats and can be accessed from any standard web browser.

Supports Work Package Capability—Retains Corporate Knowledge

mSearch is also built to support work package capability—the content you extract from technical manuals can be used to build up work packages and procedures; or can be merged into a composite plan or training module. Work packages can be saved for future use—for example, if the equipment fails again. This capability allows you to have less experienced or less seasoned people more quickly find relevant information and solutions that are often only known to long-time employees with intimate system history and knowledge.