mWorks Suite: mTrain

A poorly trained industrial plant staff is an inefficient and costly workforce. Maintenance systems are extremely complex and require an in-depth and expertise/master level of knowledge. The management of this important human resource task is essential to a plant’s success.

Comprehensive and Robust Maintenance Learning Management System

mTrain is a comprehensive maintenance training solution that ensures employee job quality and compliance by managing personnel skill sets/certifications and streamlining course management activities. It is a web based application that provides access to all network-based content and applications for performance of operational and administrative tasks.

Staff Proficiency, Qualifications and Compliance, Health and Safety

In the high-risk environment of maintenance plants, compliance auditability and expert qualifications are of paramount performance. mTrain modules are customizable and include functions for learning content delivery and management, personnel and training administration, and qualification and exams management.

Increase Productivity—Reduce Job Quality Issues—Meet Industry and Regulatory Requirements

mTrain will help you anticipate and proactively respond to training needs—enabling you to build consistent, efficient employee behaviors to increase productivity, reduce job quality issues, and meet industry and regulatory requirements. It will assist you in enhancing staff performance and productivity in performing procedures while eliminating large amounts of paper documentation.