mWorks Suite: mView

Modern technical documents, graphics and drawings usually do not stand-alone. They are often part of an automated logistics environment that include connections to other systems, integrated diagnostics, intelligent graphics, and workflow and approval applications.

Interactive Schematics and Systems

mView is an interactive schematic tool that provides operators with a powerful visual aid. It allows users to view the comprehensive plant design as well as zoom into and select more detailed areas, such as piping and valve diagrams, and electrical systems. mView greatly enhances existing technical drawings with supplementary metadata associated with components and component relationships.

Plant Knowledge Base—Intelligent Visualization of Maintenance Tasks

mView includes a streamlined navigation system that presents a common-sense format to the user, showing exactly what layers of the system are involved in maintenance tag-outs and tasks. Operators can visually mark areas of the interactive diagram for maintenance tasks such as lock-out/tag-out, trouble-shooting and planning. Areas that are tagged or marked for service will alert personnel, showing the affected and related areas in the system, recommending avoidance on the tag-outs until the work is completed. This helps to prevent maintenance conflicts and failures.

Ability to Process Various Input Formats into a High-Value Output

mView can convert multiple “flat” (non-interactive) formats (such as PDF, CGM, SVG, CAD, DWG, PNT, TIFF and other generic images) into interactive formats. Data embedded in higher-level formats can be directly incorporated into the overall systems’ knowledge base.