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Research and Technology Development

Research and development requires staying on the forefront of applying new technologies and methodologies to deliver solutions to the most challenging project goals. Progeny provides advanced technical solutions and innovative thinking that goes beyond traditional approaches.

Our corporate "Small Business" status allows us to participate in the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program, resulting in well over 100 SBIR Phase I contract awards with many successful transitions to larger Phase II and Phase III contracts. Our system and software engineering processes have been appraised at CMMI level III.

Progeny Systems' R&D key focus areas:

  • Biometrics and image processing
  • Hardware and software security solutions
  • Information science, including social media analytics, data mining, data awareness and sharing
  • Reliability measurement and analysis
  • Acoustics and acoustic data processing
  • Undersea systems, including robotics and control systems
  • Electrical engineering, including low-power electronics
  • Software design and development, including web design, service-based architectures, mobile and embedded systems

Acoustic Test Facility

Progeny Systems operates an open water acoustic test barge that is permanently moored in the Bay State Quarry in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Progeny's facility is capable of performing a full spectrum of high and low frequency acoustic measurements, which are conducted in accordance with the ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 Quality System.

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Precision Navigation and Time (PNT)

The Moon and Mars are GPS-denied environments, but not for long. Progeny's engineering team created a navigation system for NASA that uses the IEEE Precision Time Protocol (PTP), a time service that provides an accurate common time base between radio towers and mobile systems (Lunar Rover, Curiosity) and simplifies location/navigation processing. Progeny's solution creates GPS-quality navigation capabilities to use on other planets. More information on this effort can be viewed here.

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