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If this is an emergency, if you are in immediate danger or in need of medical attention

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For thirty years, the Women’s Help Center has been at the forefront of assisting area victims and their children through the crisis of domestic violence. Victims of domestic violence deserve the most immediate and expert response available. With a legacy rich with compassion and a history of proven expertise, the Center continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of victims.

It is the commitment of the Women's Help Center to support the right of an individual not to be battered or abused and to strive for the personal growth and development of all victims. The program recognizes abuse as taking multiple forms that include physical abuse as well as psychological, sexual, social, and economic abuse. Victims are assisted by the provision of options, resources, educative and supportive services, empowerment counseling, and emergency shelter. The program is certified by the Bureau of Community and Program Licensure Division of Drug and Alcohol Program Licensure to provide drug and alcohol intervention, prevention education, and related activities.



Women's Help Center

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