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Advanced Information Systems

We understand the need for open source architectures; scalable designs; microservice and service-based frameworks; leveraging commercial off-the-shelf products; and mobile, web, and cloud computing platforms. We believe in taking our leading-edge solutions to the front lines for our customers—they are the ones making a difference for all of us.

Performance & Preparation Advancements

Progeny produces systems to increase situational awareness and improve the efficiency of military operations. Our portfolio of capabilities includes products to intercept and interpret large quantities of images, videos, and signals, operate unmanned vehicles in various terrains, and support intelligence acquisition missions. 


Mobile Security Development

Utilizing templates, established frameworks, and cloud computing tools to support mobile, web, and desktop software development in cross-platform environments. Our mobile solutions include support for dual classification, federal Enterprise apps, and secured and containerized bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives. 

Data Redaction & Protection


 Secure data by automatically detecting, tagging, and/or removing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like addresses, phone numbers, etc. from text documents and open source platforms. Our software protects this sensitive information from being made public. 

Shipboard & Industrial Maintenance

Mobile and web apps that predict failures and operational availability, coordinate complex maintenance jobs, and track equipment deficiencies through an Internet of Things (IoT) and monitor sensors. Applicable industries include defense, chemicals and petroleum, energy and utilities, mining, transportation, and marine environments.

Task & Records Management

Allowing the Navy to electronically manage tens of millions of records, task / case files, documents, and email in a high availability, cloud-based system.

Emergency Preparation & Response

Evaluating floods, fires, and other emergencies faster by analyzing social media and Internet of Things (IoT) sensor networks. Combining hardware, software, and mobile applications, Progeny works to better inform citizens and emergency response operations.


Healthcare IT

Designed to improve clinical workflows though medical autocoding technology. Our software automatically detects and extracts data from unstructured text for both human and IT review to improve quality, coverage, and productivity of clinical practices. 

Aviation Communications

Modernizing and reverse engineering critical components of aging Air Traffic Control Radar systems. Our efforts to both update and complement existing legacy systems further the lifespan of current aeronautical communication technologies.  

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