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Our manufacturing facility specializes in premium products and mission-critical equipment for the Department of Defense. We are a full-scale supplier from prototype to finished product, dedicated to electronics manufacturing and integration. 

Production Capabilities

Many of our hardware and technology solutions require custom-produced parts that are manufactured in-house. All parts and assemblies go through stringent Quality Assurance reviews and Testing procedures to ensure every product meets the military's needs. Our facility is outfitted to handle a range of needs and specifications- our top capabilities are listed below.  

Electronics Manufacturing

Focusing on high complexity and reliability for all manufactured parts.  Our skilled workforce produces integrated electronic systems and subassemblies, full-scale shipboard cabinets, stand-alone box builds, and electro-mechanical weapon system components.


Sensor/Transducer Manufacturing

We specialize in assembling acoustic sensors, multielement arrays, and transducer systems. Our production teams work closely with our R&D facility to design, fabricate, and test prototype hardware.


Metalwork Fabrication & Manufacturing

We use titanium & aluminum alloys and carbon & stainless steel to manufacture parts from traditional blueprints or via solid models, (SolidWorks, Pro-E) to customer's exacting specifications, including inspections.  For more information, read below about our Machine Shop capabilities. 

Machine Shop

Our Machine Shop is an ISO 9001:2015 certified lean manufacturing facility with leading-edge equipment to fabricate custom metal alloy parts. Working with the military’s stringent requirements, we understand the importance of accuracy, tight tolerances and maximum-quality inspections. We work tirelessly reduce costs, decrease lead times and ensure higher levels of quality for our warfighters.

Our services include:

• CNC Programming  using the latest Mastercam Version
• CNC Milling and Turning
• Manual Milling and Turning
• CMM and Manual Inspection
• Laser Part Marking/Vector Cutting
• Silkscreening
• Helicoil Installation
• PEM/Hardware Installation
• Laminating

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