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Warfare Systems

Warfare Systems

From development, production, and legacy systems support to first-time prototypes, we develop military solutions better, faster, and cheaper to improve warfighter capability. Our software, hardware, and technologies are integrated into Naval platforms that span sea, land, and air.


Progeny has been providing SONAR solutions to customers since 2002. Our systems include hardware, software, and technical advances to benefit warfighters underwater and on the surface without sacrificing stealth. SONAR is used for a number of defense systems including weapon tracking, underwater communication, ice draft detection, maritime pattern of life information collection, and precision strike missions.  

Data Collection

Our active and passive SONAR systems use innovative technologies like lasers, single-crystal materials and fiber optics to collect, interpret, and transmit underwater communications.


Data Processing


Progeny’s deep expertise in SONAR processing includes digital data capture, analysis, recording, and playback.  In addition, we have designed, built, and delivered operator consoles and processing cabinets for the warfighter.

Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance 

Progeny produces systems to significantly increase situational awareness and improve the efficiency of military operations. Our portfolio of capabilities includes products to intercept and interpret large quantities of images, videos, and signals; operate unmanned vehicles in various terrains; and support intelligence-acquisition missions. 

Electronic Warfare

Working to address near-term capability gaps and address the military's vision for a fully-digitized maritime system. Solutions include various forms of detection, data collection, dissemination, and hardware installations.

Autonomous Vehicles

Developing custom software, hardware, and architectures for autonomous vehicles such as unmanned aircraft and underwater buoys. Projects also include automated ship propulsion & control technologies, automated payload management, and interoperable data exchanges for next-generation systems.

Training & Simulations

From weapon launch training programs to virtual reality simulations, Progeny develops software and hardware solutions to better prepare the warfighter for tactical operations.


Mission Planning

Advancing systems to be data-rich, interactive, adaptive, and less complex.  Ranging from special operations to Command and Control deployments, our products include real-time battlefield data feeds for immediate feedback on plan execution, management and monitoring.

Combat Weapons & Systems

Modernization and efficiency are a core component of Progeny's mission critical work. Our products are built to improve sensors and sonar processing capabilities on weapon systems. We work to improve weapons systems to ensure our warfighters can successfully complete their missions in any conditions. 


Designing, testing, and improving the capabilities, durability, and target detection performance of torpedoes.


Technology Insertion

Providing the processing horsepower and electronics to operating systems, railgun launches, and sonar-critical functions. From full cabinets to miniature electronics, our hardware withstands severe environmental challenges, like shock, so combat systems can operate in the heat of battle.   

Tactical System Cybersecurity

Using a DevSecOps methodology, we prioritize Cyber Hygiene, Cyber Threat Detection, Isolation, and Remediation. From access management to intrusion detection, Progeny's cybersecurity software is multi-level, customizable, scalable, and robust. With production, deployment, and R&D we design how to better protect from cyberattacks.


Weapon Launchers & Control Systems

From prototyping through full scale development and production , we provide integrated software and hardware solutions designed to preset and launch weapons, unmanned vehicles and countermeasures to support Anti-Submarine, Anti-Surface Warfare, Strike, and ISR missions. 

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