Maintenance Management Software Suite: We provide simple solutions to complex problems.

Trying to maintain your facility is increasingly difficult and complicated. Precision and safety is paramount,
but how to do it efficiently? mWorks gives you a set of powerful tools and features that will streamline your
maintenance management, extend asset life, and reduce costs.

The Simplest Innovations Are the Most Powerful

Originally developed to support maintenance of shipboard power plants for the U.S. Navy, mWorks provides:

  • Efficient tracking and management of equipment deficiencies
  • Wireless monitoring of sensor readings and trend analysis
  • Planning and coordination of complex maintenance jobs
  • Intelligent searching of large technical libraries
  • Customizable learning management system for maximum content reuse
  • Intuitive visualization of maintenance schedule
  • Capture of valuable corporate knowledge
  • Fast and easy integration with multiple data sources and types
  • Common web browser interface

Common Standardized Platform

We built a set of unique capabilities that are built around a core, standardized framework that is able to bring in multiple data types and sources onto a common platform. We are an IBM Partner and mWorks is integrated with IBM Maximo, an industry proven, trusted and standardized platform.

Simple, Clean and Affordable

Other companies offer very expensive solutions requiring multiple products and modules, significant up-front work and unnecessary re-engineering—costing you valuable time and money. Progeny offers a simple, clean and affordable solution.

Turn Knowledge into Decision-Making Power and Asset Performance


  • Capture what your maintenance team already learned
  • Organize asset information and have a single point of control over all types of assets
  • Comprehensive view allows you to gain visibility, a deeper understanding, and control over all your assets
  • Run your organization smarter, more efficiently and with greater agility

Studies have shown that asset information has a significant effect on the efficiency and performance of asset-intensive businesses.

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